Headshave For Cancer

2012 will be the 8th year Manion & Associates has taken part in the Head Shave, and the 6th year we have organized the event. Like the last 3 years, we are returning to the format of shaving heads for the entire duration of the home show. Since Manion & Associates began organizing the event we’ve added a second benefactor, the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society. We have supported the Hospice Society for a number of years.

The two organizations work cooperatively together to improve the lives of palliative care patients in our community. Patients and their families living with cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other life threatening conditions have had improved quality of live from the ongoing work of both organizations.  The two organizations together are Ridge Meadows’ primary providers of services to the patients and families living and dealing with the consequences of cancer.

The reason for broadening the scope of where the raised funds go beyond just the Oncology Department  was twofold.  First, the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation pointed out cancer patients are treated throughout Ridge Meadows Hospital, across many departments.  Secondly, the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society has been included.  The Hospice Society provides services to palliative patients and their families.  An estimated 80% of the patients which go through the Hospice residences are cancer patients.

Read: Dee’s Story – To understand my personal motivation and passion for the Headshave, The Hospice Society, and the Hospital Foundation.

The Headshave is open to anyone and everyone. You don’t even have to have your head shaved!  Stop by the booth and get a hair cut by donation. If you would like to collect pledges, contact me or my office (604-463-6060).

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