I love my Apple TV

Posted: July 18, 2011 in articles, computers

I love my Apple TV!

Thanks to this often overlooked and ignored Apple product, I have ditched my expensive satellite subscription and actually enjoy watching TV again.


Apple TV

The combination of Netflix.ca and free podcasts, I have more commercial free content then I can watch in a day.

It started when I made a realization.  Everything I would watch on TV could be categorized into 1 of 3 types of content.  The first: Current affairs (i.e. News).  Which I can get via Podcasts.  The second: filler, reruns, you know the stuff you put on just because you cant find anything that is truly interest.  So you channel surf instead of turning the tube off.  This is what Netflix is PREFECT for filling. And the bonus… no commercials.  The third type is the prime time hooks, the shows we look forward too.  The stuff we count down the days to the next episode.  I have two solutions for this.  One being Apple’s iTunes and being able to subscribe to an entire season of a show.

Ok, so I cant watch sports.  First thing everyone asks me when I explain this structure to them.  However, I have a great solution for that too… A new super technical invention, bleeding edge of modern technology… The neighborhood pub!

So my monthly “TV” bill dropped from approximately $100/month to $7.99/month.  And NO commercials.


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