iPhone vs Blackberry vs Android…

Posted: July 27, 2011 in android, articles, blackberry, computers, iphone, smartphones
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I get asked alot the question about which smartphone is the best. iPhone, Blackberry, or Android.  So here are my thoughts.

The irony of course is the fact I don’t even have a smartphone.  I have a very basic completely devoid of features, Sony Ericcson.  For calling features I go even lower tech!  No caller ID, no voicemail (even tho it seems like if you call me), and no mobile browsing.

As for the battle of the smartphones, here are pros and cons of each.  Unlike the vast majority of written reviews, I make no discussion of the networks they are available on.  Most of the reviews are from the states where some of the phones are only available with certain carriers.  Here in Canada, all three smartphones are available from multiple service providers.  All with equally crapping customer service and over priced plans. [Read my web page for more…]


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  1. I go for iPhone. I’ve been using Apple smartphone since it’s first release. My colleagues, fed up with all the hype about iPhone, got Androids and Blackberrys and we always end up competing which smartphone is the best during lunch breaks. It’s really hilarious.

    Then after a few months where we all got apps installed in that is where the obvious problems came out. Theirs have been glitchy and crashes often. Mine just happened once and still the operation is smooth. Now, everyone in our office is using iPhone4. Funny, I should have been a salesman and gain profit from this. 🙂

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