The strange things you find on the Internet

Posted: August 1, 2011 in articles, blogging, photography, socialmedia, supercar, tumblr, twitter, wordpress
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So I was surfing along, I some of the stranger dark allies of the Internet and made some discoveries…

First to my surprise… I already had TWO blogs! One I remember and one I have no idea when it was setup. The one I remember is a My Opera blog that hasnt had any activity on it since 2007. Strangely enough I actually reposted one of my blog entries from it to this blog early on (Had it stored in a file).

The other previously unknown blog in on I think there may be some form of Twitter link. It had my twitter profile picture. (I known it is from twitter, because my profile pictures may look alike but are actually all different) And had my twitter description already set as my description. Hmmm…. May be someone out there can convert there is a connection or explain this to me?

Anyways, I went exploring Tumblr. Very different then A lot more emphasis on sharing and re-blogging.

So far all I have done is re-blogged pictures a bunch of pictures (most cars).

Check it out…


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