Customer Service, Good and Bad….

Posted: August 18, 2012 in articles
13:17:25  Agent  Ajay G
Hello Al
 13:18:23  Customer  al
question: Is there any way to order (online a dell laptop without any MS Office, McAfee, or other time limited trail software? basically crapware-free
 13:18:55  Agent  Ajay G
Great! Glad you chatted in today, I’d be happy to help you.
 13:19:10  Agent  Ajay G
No AL Unfortunately we don’t have such options.
 13:19:38  Customer  al
Can I pay to have it removed before shipping?
 13:19:45  Agent  Ajay G No AL Unfortunately that is not an option either.
 13:20:20  Agent  Ajay G
Its factory installed and unfortunately we cannot remove it.
 13:20:30  Agent  Ajay G
But once you receive the machine you can remove it.
 13:20:57  Customer  al
So you’re saying if I want a dell computer, I have to take dell’s crap 😦

Recent customer experience with Apple…..

I walk into the Apple Store in Metrotown and talk to someone in person

Jason: Hi my name Jason.  How can I help?

Me: I broke my iPod Nano.  The main button doesn’t work anymore.

Jason: Can I see it?

After examining the iPod nano for 10 seconds and pressing the button three times…..

Jason: Would you like a new one?

Me: Ummm.. Yes!

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